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    Exclamation How to Develop Software Like MobiTime Cell Phone for Nokia

    I am doing Final Project of BS . And I want to develop a software like MobiTime Cell Phone. In which i am able to load ringtones, videos, Read SMS, Send SMS, Read Contact, Add Contact via Bluetooth for all Nokia Phones. I want to create Plateform indepantent Version using J2ME. Which will run on WINDOWS, LINUX, SOLARIS AND MAC OS X.

    If some one can guide me about the guidlness i will be greatfull to him.

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    Re: How to Develop Software Like MobiTime Cell Phone for Nokia

    I am not familiar with MobiTime... do you mean MobTime?

    Note that this application is a PC application. It is not a Java ME (J2ME) MIDlet which would be installed on the phone.

    Additionally, if you want to create a mobile application, you will not be able to access the SMS messages from the MIDlet.


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