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    Accelerometer-based remote control for mplayer RELEASED!!

    Hi all,
    I want to announce the release of my application for the Nokia N95 (tested with it) and possibly other SymbianS60 devices that have a built-in accelerometer, the PyAcceleREMOTER.

    PyAcceleREMOTER is an N95 accelerometer-based remote controller for mplayer on Gnu/Linux machines.It is a server-client application with the server residing on the computer and the client on the phone and it is written with Python for Series60.

    Once the server is up and running (which is as simple as running a python script), everything is controlled from the phone. You can navigate through your disk-based folders directly from your phone and choose a video to start being played by mplayer.

    You then control the video by hand movements such as tilting right/left for fast forward/backward etc. At any time you can change the video that you are watching by navigating through your video folders. The application also senses when you have incoming calls so that the movement of picking up the phone to answer it is not translated to hand-gesture commands. Furthermore the user can explicitly lock the accelerometer by pressing the “select” key for the same reason (i.e. to avoid random hand-gestures to be translated to mplayer commands). There are also a few things you can configure from the phone such as the responsiveness of the accelerometer and the mplayer seek/volume increments.

    you can visit my blog at http://serk01.wordpress.com/software/pyacceleremoter/ for more details.
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    Re: Accelerometer-based remote control for mplayer RELEASED!!

    hi serko
    first of all welcome to the python dibo.
    your application seems pretty good and has some sort of resemblance with the mobile web server just launched by nokia.
    good work keep it up.
    best regards

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    Re: Accelerometer-based remote control for mplayer RELEASED!!

    Thanx gaba88!Looking forward to some feedback from Gnu/Linux users

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