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    At command connection

    I want to connect a Nokia 6100 with a serial cable to a microcontroller using the AT-commands.

    Before connecting it to a microcontroller i wanted to test it with the Hyperterminal. Unfortunately i cant get the "ok" sign.

    I tried to used the pinouts behind the battery:
    1: Gnd
    2: Rx
    3: Mbus
    4: Tx
    5: Vpp

    So i connected the Gnd, Rx and the Tx to a serial connection onto my pc. What did i do wrong? Thanks in advance,

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    Re: At command connection

    as far as I know, FBus and RS232 are using different signal-voltages, so you need an Max232 to convert it.
    Look here:
    or here:

    Good luck

    Regards, Charly

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