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    Handsets that support rtsp Video Streaming

    I’m working on a project that includes rtsp streaming to Nokia handsets across a cellular network. However, one handset being tested, the Nokia 6102 using ATT, we cannot get to video stream via rtsp.

    How can I confirm or refute that a handset is capable of rtsp streaming? And if so, are there specific firmware rev levels that are required? Is there wording in the specifications that will identify this capability, since we are looking for rtsp streaming vs http progressive download? We're using DeviceAnywhere from Mobile Complete to test rtsp links from the various handsets. Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    Re: Handsets that support rtsp Video Streaming

    Hi, U can get example of Rtsp Player in forum nokia. The name of example is VRex. I Think almost all 9.x devices supports Rtsp Video streaming.

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    Re: Handsets that support rtsp Video Streaming

    U can easily test rtsp support on device - go to m.youtube.com
    From my own expirience, it seems that AT&T blocks unwanted access to rtsp servers completely. So handset CAN support rtsp but carrier just does not allow u to use this capability.

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    Re: Handsets that support rtsp Video Streaming

    6102 does not support RTSP video streaming.

    RTSP video streamin wa introduced on S60 devices starting form S60 2nd Edition FP3 devices.
    On Series 40 side I think this was introduced starting from Series 40 5th Edition (or then it was Series 40 3rd Edition FP2...). Anyhow, 6102 is Series 40 2nd Edition device which does not support streaming.


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