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    RE: D211 and Netgear MR314


    Unfortunately we are not familiar with this type of wireless router. From the symptoms I would suspect that there are some proprietary network settings that work between Netgear products but are not compatible with Nokia D211. By removing those settings will open up the network to all manufacturers' cards.

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    D211 and Netgear MR314

    I have problems accessing the network using a notebook with D211 and a Netgear MR314 WLAN access point. The D211 signals that it is attached to the access point but no Ip is given via DHCP. Manually assigning an IP doesn't help: still I can't even ping the access point and no internet connection is possible. With my desktop PC which is also attached via a netgear WLAN PC card everything works well. WEP is disabled.
    Any comments?


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