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    Wink Strange behaviour

    Hi All,

    I have developed an application for S60 2nd edition.It is a autostart application.If * or # is pressed ,it comes to the foreground and sounds an alert and if the same respective keys(* or #)is pressed it goes to background and stop an alert.It works fine.But after 2 days if i try to run the application by pressing * or # it use to get close.

    Can anybody tell me why it happens?

    Ajit Choudhari

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    Re: Strange behaviour

    How is this related to "Symbian Signing, Certification and Security"?

    There could be many reasons for your application's behavior but only you know what your application does and how.

    Try to locate a tool that shows you information about the panic that terminates your application. Alternatively add logging to it so that you find out which API call fails.
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    Re: Strange behaviour


    I execute the application through the taskspy but it didn't give any result.

    Ajit Choudhari

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