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    IAPService, IAPBearer, IAPBearerType return meanings?


    I've used RConnection::GetIntSetting to get info on a connection bearer using "IAP\\<the fields as above>"

    When running on device through WLAN I get 8,1,0 returned respectively; Orange GPRS gives 2,2,0 and Orange Internet gives 1,2,0

    The question is: How do these numbers map? I think that the first, IAPService, is perhaps returning something like TConnMonBearerType as the figures make sense (It has 8 for WLAN, 2 for PSM/WCDMA and 1 for CSD/GSM.) Anyone able to confirm? As for IAPBearer, I'm not sure where that value is mapped, and the IAPBearerType is always 0, so I'm disregarding that.

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    Re: IAPService, IAPBearer, IAPBearerType return meanings?

    The IAPBearerType will also return you an error (KErrBadName), as you must not do a GetIntSetting on it (the value is expected to be text).
    Well, as for the main question, i am also trying to find the meaning of these values...if you have already found them, kindly post your solution.

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