Dear All,

I have worked on this problem for over 20 hours now, and am no further forward.

I am downloading a series of PNG images, with associated image data (author, comments etc) from my server. Basically I am concatonating all the text and images together as one file and then parsing them in the phone to recreate the text and images i.e

<author>*<comments>*<PNG image>*<author>*<comments>*<PNG image>*......and so on.

To create the images I am using Image= createImage(t,0,t.length) where t is a byte array recreated from the parsed string;

This works fine on Nokia and Samsung phones, but not on Sony Ericsson.

The Sony phones throw up a variety of different errors when trying to expand the images, as below; invalid bit length repeat
at incorrect data check

If I place the images in the jar it runs fine on all phones , but I need to be able to download them from the server.

I can see no difference in the length of the image files after parsing on the phone and when they sit on the server.

To download the images from the server I am using code as follows
in = new BufferedInputStream(new FileInputStream("/home/sites/"+Adsize+"/1/ad001.PNG"));

while((i = != -1){

I have tried using Photoshop and Paint to create the PNG images , but it seems to make no difference.

I am at a loss - the parsed image files seem to be the same length and format as on the server... what am I doing wrong here?? there something happening during the File streaming process which is screwing things up.

Anyone please help... I will now post this onto the Sony Ericson developer site.

Any help much appreciated