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Thread: CLASSES?

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    Unhappy CLASSES?

    Hi everybody! I would like to know how to work with classes? I don't understand what "this" means in classes, which i see in all examples!


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    Re: CLASSES?

    Hi darklord18,

    Classes are objects with attributes and methods, to put it bluntly. The attributes are the variables associated with the class, and the methods are the functions associated with the class.

    An example might illustrate what I mean:
    #First, we name the class, in this case "Person"
    >>>class Person:
          #An attribute of the Person class is the variable "name"
          #This function returns the name of the "person" 
          def getname(self):
             return self.name
          #This function sets the name of the "person" to the new value that is given
          def setname(self, name):
    "self" refers to the class' attribute. It's hard to explain, but just remember that it doesn't have to be specified when calling a function, only when defining it.

    Examples of classes are "app" from appuifw, or "Sound" from audio etc.

    For a more detailed tutorial about classes, go here.
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    Re: CLASSES?

    hi darkload18
    have a look at this. Hope this helps my suggestion to is look out for more code snippets and understand the concepts of classes.
    give a feedback.

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