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    RE: Need your help !


    The Nokia 30 terminal works in 900 / 1800 MHz GSM networks.
    So if you want to test your application with Nokia 30 terminal
    you need to have GSM network.

    The nokia 30 terminal does not support CDMA so you need to use it under GSM network.

    You will not need to buy another product from China or Tiwan to test Nokia 30 terminal with your application


    M2M developer support team

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    Need your help !


    I am in Korea and as you know (maybe ^^), we are using CDMA not GSM.

    I really want to develop some solutions with your Nokia 30, but I can't find Nokia 30 or other like things can be used under CDMA.

    So, ... if you could , please help me.

    Here are my questions,

    1. Can I test interface between Nokia 30 and my application on Windows PC without GSM in Korea ?

    2. After getting success with testing the interface, I will bring Nokia 30 and my application for testing to tiwan or china where GSM is available. Do I need to buy another product in those country for using Nokia 30 ?

    Thank you so much.

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