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    USB Device not recognized

    Hi all,
    With my Nokia 6230i I got a USB data cable. It works with that phone but when I connect it to my Nokia 3100 there is an error 'USB Device not recognized'. The cable model is not clearly printed- it only says ' 28awg/ip on it. I have tried to install the latest nokia app Nokia_PC_Suite_rel_6_86_9_0_eng_us_web.exe as well as the cable driver alone Nokia_Connectivity_Cable_Driver_rel_6_86_11_0_eng.msi.
    I also tried a different computer (XP and Windows 2000) and removing the usb driver from control panel system...

    Thanks for any help..

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    Re: USB Device not recognized

    The 3100 requires a Nokia CA-42 cable according to the table on this page:

    And the 6230i supports DKU-2, CA-53, CA-70.

    The "28awg/ip" sounds like somebody else's cable than Nokia's, which might explain the behaviour. Perhaps you could try to get a supported cable, instead?

    Note also that the user discussion boards for Nokia are here:

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