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    made google sync tool

    I know there are other tools, didnt find that works for me
    and didn't try that site that takes money (also user and pass are sent to their server).
    also it made in python

    So here it is.

    works with the wap/gprs access if you set your operator proxy, which can be found in the connection advanced settings.

    for now its very simple, it cant add recurrence events yet.
    what it does for now is copying the normal events to the phone calendar,
    tested on n95 only since that what i have.

    in settings only need to set username, if password not set it will be queried later.

    just need to go to Synchronize->test


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    Re: made google sync tool


    You didn't say, but is this syncing Google Calendar -> phone calendar? Nice! I was thinking about something like that. Will source code be available?



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    Re: made google sync tool

    hi roidyan
    nice work the forum will be more happy if it will be a open source.
    keep it up

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    Re: made google sync tool

    not right now since the code is very messy
    i study python while writing it.

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