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    Network in Emulator, but not Device

    I have my application doing a basic network connection to an IP with port 5000. While it works perfectly on the emulator, it doesn't seem to do anything on the actual device. It will pull up the access point selection (I've tried a WiFi access point and the cellular data connection) but beyond that it does nothing.

    I have set up a basic TCP listener on my computer to sense any connections and it shows absolutely nothing.

    Any ideas?

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    Re: Network in Emulator, but not Device

    Check the result code in the TRequestStatus. Check if you can connect from an other PC. Open TCP port 5000 in your firewall.

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    Re: Network in Emulator, but not Device

    Ok if I pull the integer value of istatus after the connection I get a -46 error. What does that mean?

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    Re: Network in Emulator, but not Device

    Found out it was a little bug... thanks for that advice.

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    Re: Network in Emulator, but not Device

    hi i have a similar problem but im using the EchoEngine example as a base, and it works perfect on the Emulator, once installed the App close on startup, says

    Please Wait...

    after thet int close the app

    the EchoEngine code that causes this is
    EXPORT_C void CEchoEngine::Write(const TDes& aText)
    // Exported function wrapping call to CEchoWrite: writes character to socket

    all i did to the example was to remove the aConsole parameter as i dont have to use a console in my app, i change every method imp and definition to make it, and as i told before, on the emulator it works with no problem at all

    example "CEchoEngine* CEchoEngine::NewL(MUINotify* aConsole)"

    //In this simple implementation, if iEchoWrite is already active, ignore call.
    //Full implementation would buffer data
    if ((iEngineStatus == EConnected) && !iEchoWrite->IsActive())


    If I comment the "iEchoWrite->IssueWrite(aText);" line it works on the phone obviusly then it doesnt send a message

    The weird part is that on the emulator this line works and my server get the message

    If you have seen the EchoEngine example and have made it work tell me how please
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