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    How to kill the thread.

    hi everyone,

    I have created a application in which i want to do some process
    for eg adding a records to recordstore for this i have created one thread right now it is running ....... but the problem is after the records has been added i want the Thread has to stop his process.

    I searched some code but in that it tells if there is no job to perform means exit... but i want to stop the thread after it finishes his process.........

    so please someone help me out to over come from this.

    Deepu G

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    Re: How to kill the thread.

    Hi Deepu,

    in J2me there are not explicit methods to kill threads. To stop a thread running you shound use some local flags to check if the thread must stop or not. Something like that:

    public void run(){
        boolean quit = false;
        while( !quit ){
    	// repeat some action
    	quit = .... // decide if it should quit
    You can find more useful infos here:



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