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    Where to find basic calendar and clock icons?


    I've created a listbox for my interface and I'm going to use some icons with it. I followed the instructions provided at List API [1] and managed to get icons working. However I'd like to use some basic icons such as clock and calendar icon. Where could I find those?

    I searched avkon2.mbm for those, but all I could find was
    EMbmAvkonQgn_note_alarm_clock and

    Those look fine on my phone (E51) but as the name says, there's the alarm icon above the basic icons. I'd like to use the default icons of clock and calendar applications. Sadly I have no knowledge of where elsewhere those icons could be :(

    Thanks for your replies in advance!


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    Re: Where to find basic calendar and clock icons?

    Try RApaLsSession::GetAppIcon
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