I am unable to make an outgoing call using CTelephony:: DialNewCall, on CUG(Closed User Group) enabled SIMs on 9.2 & 9.1 devices. It always gives message 'Call Disconnected' & returns error code -2 in the RunL callback.

Whereas same code with CTelephony:: DialNewCall, is working fine on normal GPRS enabled SIMs without CUG settings.

Previously I was using RCall, it works fine with dialing call(even with CUG enabled sims) but when the other party hangs up, the application crashes.Its perhaps because RCall is deprecated.

But with CTelephony its not establishing the call at all with CUG enabled sims.But works absolutly fine with non CUG enabled sims.

Please tell that how the CUG issue can be solved using the CTelephony API?

Experts Please help.....