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Thread: MIDP 3.0

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    Red face MIDP 3.0

    Hi All,

    Anybody has an idea regarding MIDP 3.0 release. When I get full version of MIDP 3.0 to start developing an application on it?

    I am interested in the some of the newly added futures.


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    Re: MIDP 3.0

    My personal guesstimate: Wait until the spec is finalized. Then wait 6-12 months to the first device with that API to get to the market. Then wait for another 1-2 years to get mass market adoption.


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    Re: MIDP 3.0

    And that means if MIDP3 gets final-final in 2008, you might see the tools earliest late 2008, possibly 2009, and then devices late 2009 or not before 2010, possibly later. And then general availability starts to have an affect around 2011 or 2012.

    Best to concentrate on whats here now, if you want people to use your app, and especially if you want to earn money selling it.

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