A frame picture(320X240) is split to multi packets( about 6~7)
on Server(PC), These packets will be requested to send to client(Symbian) by UDP command,After Client gets first frame from server, continue to ask next frame, One by one.... Now The problem is that:
Only severals frames at begin are able to be received all packets completely, and left frames will not be get whole packets, for example, Only get packet1~5,and packet 7 is lost.
SO the picture is not completed. I make an engine use CActive to
do this udp session.
BTW: If i change pictue size to small size, for exampe (160x120)
,Only 1~2 packets for one frame. SO picture can recv completely.
everyone, This problem take me a long long time........,,, Can you help me, sincerely.......