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    Nokia 6131 NFC SDK + Netbeans 6.0 + J2ME Polish

    I can not build my Nokia 6131 NFC/J2ME Polish program using Netbenas 6.0.
    The precompilation of the J2ME Polish work ok, but I have error with the nfc library afterwards. Aparently the J2ME Polish ant does not found the nfc.zip.

    import javax.microedition.contactless.ContactlessException;
    package javax.microedition.contactless does not exist

    import com.nokia.nfc.p2p.NFCIPConnection;
    package com.nokia.nfc.p2p does not exist

    I tried including the nfc.zip file in the C:\Program Files\J2ME-Polish\import folder, add nfc in the JavaPackage in the C:\Program Files\J2ME-Polish\device.xml, add nfc.zip in the classpath in the build.xml but nothing.
    The nfc.zip is included in the project library as the enough-j2mepolish-client.jar so in the IDE there is no error reported, just at the building process.

    Do you know what else I can try?


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    Re: Nokia 6131 NFC SDK + Netbeans 6.0 + J2ME Polish

    Hello fabianignacio,

    do you encounter this without using J2ME Polish? Does the build succeed without it?

    Related: Some similar problem:


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    Re: Nokia 6131 NFC SDK + Netbeans 6.0 + J2ME Polish


    What you need to do is to to add this section to the apis.xml in the root folder of J2ME-Polish.

    	       <name>NFC API</name>
    	       <description>Enable read/write from RFID-tags
    	       <name>NFC Client Integration API</name>
    	       <description>NFC Client Integration
    This is needed so J2ME-Polish nows what api:s you are using, and as you did they also need to be in the imoport diretory of J2ME-Polish.

    I've had the exact same problem both with eclipse and intelliJ and this fixed the build process for me when building with an ant-script.

    Best Regards Johan

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    Re: Nokia 6131 NFC SDK + Netbeans 6.0 + J2ME Polish


    I do this, but still have the same pb, please Help.


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    Re: Nokia 6131 NFC SDK + Netbeans 6.0 + J2ME Polish

    After include nfc.zip in import folder, you must add attribute binaryLibraries with value nfc.zip to <build> element of build.xml.

    <build binaryLibraries="nfc.zip"

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