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    Question Motorola Gallery

    I have determined that the Gallery for a Motorola RAZR V3xx carried by AT&T is located at:
    String galleryBaseMotorola = "file:///b/mobile/picture/";
    I can write valid .jpg images into this directory.
    However, the native camera image viewer refuses to display these images.
    When I pull the Micro-SD memory card and view on a PC, the .jpg files are valid.
    I have tested with the same size (resolution) image files as saved by the Native Camera Application on the RAZR.
    Known differences between Native Camera images and my .jpg images:
    1. Images from the native camera application have an EXIF comment describing the image, but no apparent encrypted data.
    2008:04:21 20:08:06
    2. Images from the native camera application have a 72x72 thumbnail image embedded in the EXIF data. I suspect this to be the culprit, but need to verify before adding thumbnails to my .jpg images which will have to be done on the server and is difficult.

    I am sorry to post a Motorola question on this Nokia board, but IMHO this group has the best all-around expertise available.

    - Thanks, David

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    Re: Motorola Gallery


    Just a stupid suggestion...

    Could you just copy one image from Gallery to pc and edit 3 different versions of it
    1) no editing at all
    2) remove all exif info
    3) remove the thumbnail from exit, but leave other exit information in the file
    Make sure thes files still work on PC.
    Then embed these in a Jar file, move to the phone and have the MIDlet to write all 3 diferent files to the gallery folder. You might learn which version works without implementing any server code...

    Although this is a little work too...


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