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    Java Verified program vs Verisign


    I'm developing a J2ME application for a Nokia N95 phone, that needs to access some Web Services.

    As it is an unsigned application, the OS prompts the user to allow the application to use the network (among other things).

    The application will be used in a study for a limited scope, but prompting the user (even once) is not acceptable.

    Do I have to go through Java Verified program or buying a certificate from an authority like Verisign will do?

    Also, I may need to evolve the application during the study, reason why the Java Verified program is not suitable as the application can not be recompiled.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Kind Regards,

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    Re: Java Verified program vs Verisign

    Here are the available settings for N95

    As you see, Always allowed is only available for signed apps.

    If you need to test the signed version in the middle of the development. If yes, Java Verified is not an answer here, but you need to get a certificate from Verisign (for example)


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