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    [Announce] Count Down for fun


    Day at home, looking after a "sick" kid with way much more energy than what I have... Got few hours of peace, wrote a pys60 script. Basically wanted to get some experience about using timers. No problems, as long as you remember to do "timer.cancel()" enough




    Version History

    * Version 1.1, release date 2008-04-24.
    * Version 1.0, release date 2008-04-24 (for Forum Nokia).

    Code Samples

    * How to use e32.Ao_timer() safely
    * How to draw variable point lines with a generic function
    * How to define dynamic color

    Count Down

    Fun graphical countdown from nine to zero, which changes color based on number. You can press a number (0-9) at any time to reset the count and Select key to start again from 9.

    Wrote it in order to stop thinking about how to connect S60 device/emulator and python debugger. Might have been just a temporary relief.

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    Re: [Announce] Count Down for fun

    Pretty cool. Especially those king-size digits

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    Re: [Announce] Count Down for fun

    Hi jouni,

    You got cool snippets which can help Pys60 learners, do send me an email using my screen name, I guess I could have something for you,

    Best Regards,
    Pankaj Nathani

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    Re: [Announce] Count Down for fun

    hi jom
    its really cool snippet. you are doing a great job.
    keep it up.

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