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    Red face Music is slow...


    I made a simple game in flash lite 2.0 containing an mp3 as background music. When I test the game on the Device Central it's all well. Then I tested it on my cell phone (Nokia 6120 classic) and the Music was somewhat slower, which is not very pleasing.

    Anyone knows the cause or the solution to the problem?

    Many thanks,

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    Re: Music is slow...

    Yeah, May be simultaneously any other action should perform... due to that is why music goes very slow.

    But still need to know... music volume wise slow or loading wise?

    Ravindra Suthar

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    Re: Music is slow...

    This sounds like a device performance issue. The player has to dedicate time to decompress and playback the audio at the same time as rendering your application. If the device is relatively slow then the player and its ability to decode mp3 files will suffer.

    Try lowering the bitrate and size of the mp3, ensure that you're using mono sound too. You might also try using a midi file as a test.
    Mark Doherty
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