Dear Sirs,

I purchased the BF 120 usb to irda adapter 6102f. I am using windows xp. I installed the drivers and they are ok. I have nokia 9210i communicater, when I enable the infrared it sees it as epoc and it can transfer files in both ways however the files transfered are dated 1/1/48. This was the first problem. The other problem is that the pc suite for nokia communicater 9210i didn't work through infrared connection. I installed the latest version of the suite and the same problem. also i installed the latest drivers for the irda adaptor and also the same problem. In the device manager I noticed the presence of a virtual infrared com drive on com 6 and When I first time enabled the infrared between my communicater and the usd irda a new modem installed on com 5 , I changed this modem to com 6 so that both will be the same port and still the same problem no connection.

Do you have any idea for both problems.

Thank you in advance,

Jihad Dia