i have web application over tomcat web server and the web application

> contain a servlet program that receive a string parameter , then i
> insert this parameter values into mysql database
> when i create midlet application and run this application from
> emulator the calling of the servlet works fine and insert a record
into DB,
> but when i install this midlet application into mobile phone (nokia
> connected to pc by serial port) and try to run the servlet i get tow
> selective screen
> 1-allow application xxxx to use network and send or receive data ?
yes or no
> 2-when yes , select access point (MMS or WAPover GPRS) ?
> i am already test the two selection but i get the following error
> ** your network setting do not allow you to request this url**
> please is there any mobile setting required to transfer data from
> mobile to web application?
> give me you advice about the previous treatment for sending SMS from
> mobile application to
> web application?