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    Hello all i'm develop a little application!
    I want implement a little image gallery, with the photo present in my N95 and when i press on it i want gi on 2nd form.

    No my question is: is possible to implement an image gallery that show only a little preview???

    I can implement it with a list??? or is a bad idea??

    i want show the photo in orizzontal order:

    For example the stars are the photos, i want show it in this way:

    * * * *
    * * *

    Sorry for mi poor english

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    Re: Image

    Maybe there are some image scaling APIs I'm unaware of, but with baseline MIDP you'd have to load each image and handle the scaling yourself. You'd also have to custom draw the selection screen.

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    Re: Image

    A method to scale images can be found on Forum Nokia Wiki:


    About loading large images (as the ones from phone gallery) you should take special care to memory used by your application, to avoid OutOfMemory Exceptions.


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