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    What devices do I need to send SMS to other phones and GSM-enabled POS term

    I am new to this, but have read the CIMD2 docs and several others. I have been engaged to write software to run on Windows 2000 server, and send/receive SMS messages to mobile phones and GSM-enabled POS terminals. I will be developing in C++. I will be sending and receiving messages to several hundred phones. I may also need to connect via my SMSC (GSM provider). I have several questions to help me get started:

    1. Do I need a GSM modem connected to the Win2k server to be able to send the SMS to the mobile phones, and if so, what do you recommend?

    2. Can I simply connect a phone to the server, and if so, do I need some kind of data cable, and what do you recommend?

    3. Is there a device or equipment available that I can connect to the win2k server, perhaps to the serial port, and then send messages through it to the mobile phones and GSM-enabled POS terminals. My connect is that if you simply connect a phone, one could run out of memory on the phone when sending several messages.

    I will appreciate if someone can provide me with some answers, or point me to where I can find an actual deployment architecture-type diagram with available device names or something similar.

    C++ sample codes or libraries will also be helpful. I looked at the PC Connectivity SDK, but most of the examples are VB.



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    RE: What devices do I need to send SMS to other phones and GSM-enabled POS term


    Here uou are, few answers for your questions:

    1) Yes you do, any data enabled phone is suitable for you.

    2) Different phones has different connectivity methods. You have plenty fo different alternatives: Bluetooth, Cable, PCMCIA or IR. In server enviroment, I would start using cable or PCMCIA due the nature of the connection (physical).

    3) As you may understand, there is limitations how many messages you can sent or receive vhen using a single GSM phone, I would say 5-10 messages per minute is the maximum. When using fixed connection to SMSC (CIMD2) you will have 20-1000 messages per minute dependinc your service provider.

    All data enabled phones can utilize AT commands. Documentation is available at Forum Nokia web site.

    Teemu / Forum Nokia

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