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    socket listeners in symbian

    How to create socket listeners in symbian c++? My intension is to create a socket listener which should listen messages coming to one particular port which is binded to it (TCP Socket). Then an event should be triggered where I'll catch that response.

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    Re: socket listeners in symbian

    In S60 pre-3rd editon SDK-s S[eries]60Ex\sockets is your friend, starting from S60 3rd edition S60Ex\Chat is your new friend.
    Searching for socket in the Wiki may also reveal a few (10+78) hits.
    Being something related to networking, you may also find examples on www.forum.nokia.com Documentation/Symbian C++ on the left, Networking. For example the "S60: End-to-End ... example"-s, where both sockets (I guess TCP) and HTTP (I guess HTTP) appear.

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