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    javax.sound package in J2ME

    Hello Guys

    Here i'm pretty confused about javax.sound package in j2me

    It seems fine but confused for javax.sound. How javax.sound is possible in j2me?


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    Re: javax.sound package in J2ME

    You need to use MMAPI (JSR-135) for audio and video


    no javax.sound available in Java ME

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    Re: javax.sound package in J2ME

    Yap i'm also know that the javax.sound package isn't supported in j2me but why they used? Did you go through that url?

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    Re: javax.sound package in J2ME

    Hi Aliencse,

    since Microemu is a J2ME emulator built on J2SE, it's quite normal that they used J2SE standard APIs to build it. This does not mean that you can use those APIs within your J2ME app, since it'll surely not work on any J2ME phone.


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