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    SIP - Registration refreshing problem


    I'm trying to refresh an existing registration manually with CSIPRegistrationBinding::UpdateL(TUint aExpirationValue, CSIPMessageElements* aElements=0). In fact, I would like to update the contact address and the expiration value of the registration.

    Had no problem with the new expiration value, however I'm not able to append the new CSIPContactHeader in the aElements's user headers array, because leave occurs (KErrArgument).

    Any ideas? How could it be done?


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    Re: SIP - Registration refreshing problem

    Hi Tamas!

    Its not possible to change whole contact header in update, like you already noticed ... I believe this restriction comes from SIP standards, but not sure. Anyway, what you can do is update contact header parameters, using the existing binding.

    If you have to update whole header (address etc), then only thing you can do, is unregister old binding and create new one with new contact header!

    Hope that helps!

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    Re: SIP - Registration refreshing problem

    Hello tkot!

    As far as the SIP specification is concered (RFC-3261), it does not state explicitly that implementations must be able to refresh the contact address of the binding (only expiration is mentioned). However, registration binding must be refreshable and the contact address is the part of the binding.. specification interpretation is a tricky task.. whatever.

    Yes, re-registering seems to be the only alternative, but there I have another problem with the SIP stack: no multiple contact headers are allowed in REGISTER requests (which I belive is violating the RFC) - two different SIP message should be sent - extra network traffic.. whatever.

    At least now I'm sure of the way this problem should be solved.

    Thank you for the comment.


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