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    SOAP + basic web autorization

    I choose SOAP for client/server communication (API SOA for S60)

    Most of Web Services need have some authorization.
    I can't find any example how to use authorization with SOAP api for s60
    I try to send authorization data by registering with CSenServiceManager

    CSenIdentityProvider* idp = CSenIdentityProvider::NewLC(KServiceEndpoint);
    _LIT8(KUser, "user");
    _LIT8(KPass, "pass");
    idp->SetUserInfoL(KUser, KUser, KPass);
    CSenServiceManager* serviceManager = CSenServiceManager::NewLC();

    But after I call method RegisterIdentityProviderL it's show one inappropriate dialog about subscribing to web service.

    Is there any other way how to set authorization data?
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