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    How to develop a simple mobile game by applying SNAP ? (A newbie game developer)

    Hi everybody! I'm Quan - A newbie in mobile game programming. I have a project about developing a mobile game. Here is the project's requirements:

    1. Develop a simple multiplayer online mobile game (mobiles are connected through wireless) and apply SNAP Mobile technology.
    2. Language: Java.

    After getting information about SNAP and programming on mobile. Basically, I understand SNAP and run some demo game on it successfully (SnapMibleSample Demo, HelloWorld by using SNAP Mobile SDK 1.4.4 and Java Wireless Toolkit 2.5). Moreover, I also learn how to program on mobile.
    I use Netbeans IDE 6.0.1 to develop game.

    Here is my problems:
    1. Doesn't know how to use Netbean to code game.(I can configure and run some demos.)
    2. Doesn't know how do I apply the game to SNAP.

    Therefore, it would be so great if there is someone who had experiences in this please guide me to do this project step by step.
    Thank you.
    P/S: please contact me directly through Yahoo Messenger: quanxpro

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    Re: How to develop a simple mobile game by applying SNAP ? (A newbie game developer)

    I'm happened to use Netbeans 6.0.1 as well. Seems to me, it's quite smooth to import the HelloWorld example and run it in the IDE. So I'd like to know what stage you are at for the Netbean so that we can provide right solution to you. However, I can give you some general instructions here see if they can help you.

    To import the HelloWorld example:

    1. in the Netbeans IDE, click File > New Project

    2. in the New Project window, choose Mobility (in the Categories pane in the middle), then Mobile Project from Existing MIDP Sources (in the Projects pane on the right), then click Next button

    3. in the Specify MIDP Sources windows, for the Sources Location field, click the Browse button, and find out the folder of your HelloWorld source file (i.e., mine is C:\Program Files\Nokia\SNAPMobile\samples\SampleApps\src\samples\testapps), then click Next (you don't have to specify the JAD file) until Finish.

    Also, you need to add the lib file into your project:

    1. right click the Project name in the IDE, then choose Property,

    2. in the Property window, choose Build > Libraries & Resources

    3. click Add Jar/Zip button on the right of the pane, then find out the jar file (i.e., mine is under C:\Program Files\Nokia\SNAPMobile\__MACOSX\sm-sdk-2\lib\._sm-api-j2me-1.4.4.xxxx-release.jar)

    Now I think you should be able to build and run the example in the emulator. Still, you need to start the emulator server first.


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    Re: How to develop a simple mobile game by applying SNAP ? (A newbie game developer)

    Thanks qinlesliexue for your instruction.

    Now, just imagine, you are guiding for a newbie in game programming using Java language and what he is going to do is a simple mobile Online Multiplayer game (The CARO game or it is so called Gomoku) using SNAP technology.

    Therefore, what should he do for the first step? And tell him why he has to do that, what documents he has to read. It means that how does him do the project from the beginning to finish it.

    What I know is:
    1. Snap technology basically.
    2. Configured and run Nokia game Demo successfully.
    3. Run some demo games using Netbean.
    Thank you.

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    Re: How to develop a simple mobile game by applying SNAP ? (A newbie game developer)

    You may do the following:

    1) Start with the Getting Started guide in SDK.

    2) Read, run, and understand all the samples. Look at the SNAP Mobile Sample Game last.

    3) Browse the JavaDocs, especially the package docs for the
    com.nokia.sm.client package in the SDK, to get a sense of what features are available.

    3a) Read the Standard Game Requirements to understand the requirements the game must fulfill.

    4) Design the game! Understand how the game design will make use of the various SNAP Mobile features. Make a paper prototype and play with it!

    5) Go back to the SNAP Mobile Sample Game, and look at how you can modify it to achieve your goal.

    6) Develop, starting with the sample game. Get something working quickly, and then make changes one at a time, testing all along the way.

    7) Compliance Testing -- look for the Compliance Testing Guide which guides you through this process.

    8) Once you have passed Compliance Testing, look for distribution!

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