I am developing a Midlet Suite with just 1 midlet in it. The midlet uses data in the phone's external memory card frequently. The data is stored in a text file. I preferred to store the data in a text file as its quite huge & often changed from a PC. So I have to use JSR 75 (FileConnection API).

The problem is each time I try to access it in a real device I am prompted to allow/disallow access. The options "Ask First Time" & "Always Allowed" is disabled. This can be quite irritating as the access is frequent

So I assume its because the midlet is untrusted, so the only way to enable the above 2 options of asking only once is to make it trusted. Thus I must obtain a certificate from one of the certificate authorities available in my phone.
But from Nokia's documentation it seems that most CAs will charge for obtaining a certificate. Are there programs which make it possible for developer's to obtain certificates for free ? I do not want to buy a certificate as I am an indie developer & unsure how successful my app will be. Also I guess the free certificate must come from one of the CAs in my phone.

Test Device Details:-
Nokia 3110 Classic
MIDP 2.0
CLDC 1.1
JSR 75 supported

Bharti Airtel, India

List of certificate authorities:-
Baltimore Cyber Trust Root
Equifax Secure Certificate
GTE Cyber Trust Global Root
Nokia Content Signing CA
RSA Data Security Inc.
RSA Security 1024 V3
Thawte Consulting Pvt Ltd.
Unified Testing Initiative
Certification Services Division
Class 3 Public Primary Certification Authority
Verisign Trust Network

I am thinking Nokia Content Signing CA or Unified Testing Initiative may have free programs but I am not sure.

Also from FAQ:
The Java Verified certificate is widely available on devices from all manufacturers. Your MIDlet will be signed with this certificate after it passes the Java Verified testing.

But how come Java Verified certificate is not there in my Nokia phone ?

Also is there any other way to stop prompting the user each time when the memory card is accessed using FileCOnnnection API (JSR 75)

I saw an option for User Certificates in my phone but haven't the slightest clue how to use it.