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    Exclamation I found two bugs in realplayer and in the web browser

    Hello, dear Symbian developers! :)
    - I'm not developing for symbian but I'm developing for Windows. -

    I found a bug in RealPlayer. Version: "s60.30.19.01": The Videos in the Video center are played are too near for the top of the screen so the videos are in the top bar of the phone - but it's just 1 pixel.

    I found another bug in Web Browser.
    I uploaded an mp4 video to my web FTP memory and I downloaded it by phone. My phone couldn't open it by real player, it tried to open it by notepad. So i couldn't watch that video, because the browser frozed down.

    - I'm sorry, I can't speak (write :D ) English very well...

    My phone's:
    -N95 (77.01)
    -OS-version: 12.0.013

    Bálint Molnár

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    Re: I found two bugs in realplayer and in the web browser

    you should contact the developer of the RealPlayer directly, and tell them about the problems you have found.

    For the second problem, it is actually server side problem, and the file type is not set correctly from there.

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