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    RThread::ReadL and RThread::WriteL available on Symbian v9.2??

    Hi all,

    How are methods defined for Version 1 client/server APIs made available for Symbian OS v9.2.

    I see that in OS v8.1a docs, the methods are available but starting from v9.1 I don't find any documentation of these methods.

    I need method RThread::ReadL and RThread::WriteL to read and write descriptors that are not related as client-server.

    I see in the OS doc for v9.2 its said that
    The user library, EUSER.DLL, makes both the Version 1 and Version 2 client/server APIs available
    But I don't see the methods declared in corresp header files and even if try to add these, compiler complains.

    Now could somebody suggest me how to use those methods.


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    Re: RThread::ReadL and RThread::WriteL available on Symbian v9.2??

    You are right, "direct" access to a heap is not supported (I guess for platform security-reasons for example). You can experiment with sharing chunks.

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