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    Thumbs up Flash lite an ultimate development environment

    hi guys, i'd been thinking of flash lite just for game development but following thing made me think its working even better than j2me for serving contents like large articles on mobile device.


    above thread about question to memory consumption with such activities lead me to the link
    http://mximframework.com/ from where i downloaded demo version and run on my Nokia 6300, its really cool,

    my concern is that, has any on tested it on any other hand set, does it provide same result as it shows on my nokia 6300 ?

    as I have no other mobile device, so had to generate this thread to share some cool stuff and confirm that does it really works alike on all flash lite2.x as said in their website...

    if it is really like that, its obviously a big leap fo flash lite developers like me

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    Re: Flash lite an ultimate development environment

    Welcome to the FN discussion boards, ajeygupal84!

    You could see how your application (I think in this case this means WikiMX) behaves on some S60 devices through Forum Nokia Remote Device Access. Basically you can see through browser your application running on a remote device. The service is free of charge


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    Re: Flash lite an ultimate development environment

    yes Hartti is right. to test on different kind of devices, that link is very useful, how ever, it is stability of flash lite that if its application is working fine on one flash lite 2.x mobile device, it works same for all flash lite 2.x enabled mobile devices.

    As well as WikiMx is concerned, i found it very useful application. It is worth downloaded and used on mobile device. It solved my problem of way to serve large contents on mobile device using flash lite with out memory over flow and processing cost.

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