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    Question Rich Text Box Editor Problem

    Dear All I am working on RichTextboxEditor, my problem is that when I install it on different sets I have to change the height for different resolutions. But I want a generic method or way for RichTextBoxEditor.

    my code is:

    iRichTextEditor = new (ELeave) CEikRichTextEditor;
    iRichTextEditor->ConstructL(this, 10, 2000, 0);

    TInt SMSFieldWidth,SMSFieldHeight;
    //SMSFieldHeight=(aRect.Height()-15);//for N73
    SMSFieldHeight=(aRect.Height()-20);//for N80
    TPoint msgPos1(8, 8);
    TPoint msgPos2(SMSFieldWidth, SMSFieldHeight);
    TRect msgRect(msgPos1, msgPos2);

    iRichTextEditor->SetAknEditorInputMode( EAknEditorTextInputMode);

    but when I install it on N80 its not work properly.

    I'll be thankful to you for your answers.

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    Re: Rich Text Box Editor Problem

    	TInt totalH=CEikonEnv::Static()->EikAppUi()->ApplicationRect().Height(); 
    	TInt totalW=CEikonEnv::Static()->EikAppUi()->ApplicationRect().Width();
    	TInt labelH=0.08*totalH;
    	TInt offSet=0.22*totalH;
    	TInt textBoxH=0.3*totalH;
    	iLabel1->SetExtent( TPoint( 7, totalH-textBoxH-labelH-textBoxH-labelH-offSet ), TSize( totalW-7, labelH ) );
    	iRichText1->SetExtent( TPoint( 7, totalH-textBoxH-labelH-textBoxH-offSet ), TSize( totalW-7, textBoxH ) );
    	iLabel2->SetExtent( TPoint( 7, totalH-textBoxH-labelH-offSet ), TSize( totalW-7, labelH ) );
    	iRichText2->SetExtent( TPoint( 7, totalH-textBoxH-offSet ), TSize( totalW-7, textBoxH ) );
    	iRichText1->SetFocus( EFalse );
    this is how i implemented, i placed these codes in the "ConstructL" event in the control class.
    i basically used ->SetExtent to determine the size.

    i also replaced it in the LayoutControls() event which is supposingly the auto generated code form the .design in carbide

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