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    Does Nokia S60 SDK provide Maps?

    Hi all,

    I would like to develop a mobile application which retrieves the coordinates of the user via GPS. Then, I would display his position on a map.

    I have searched and looked at countless codes getting the coordinates.

    My project requires me to only use NetBeans to develop it. Therefore, Android plugin for Eclipse is out, besides I am developing for Nokia phones. Therefore, S60 SDKs would be perfect.

    My question is that how can I retrieve maps from some Nokia map server (in the first place, does Nokia provide maps?) and display it on my phone? Getting the coordinates via Java LBS API is no problem, since Nokia provided pdf tutorials to show how it can be done.

    If the maps aren't available, what can I do to show maps on my phone? (By the way, I need Singapore maps).

    I've read some topics that the Maps API is dropped out from the S60 SDK and I would have to pay for Map data. I would be willing to do so, but is it available yet as from now?

    If not, what other map sources could I turn to other than Google Android?

    Thanks. My project is in a bit of rush now, all comments are greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Does Nokia S60 SDK provide Maps?


    I am looking for the answer to the same question.

    I would like to develop an application where the Maps display is controlled by the program.

    Maps API were supposed to be available in "S60 3rd Edition supporting Feature Pack 2". However, they dont seem to be mentioned in the SDK help which I have.

    Also, I would like to know about AIW Maps API. Is that API different from the Nokia Maps API? Where can I find that API?

    Thanks & Regards.


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    Re: Does Nokia S60 SDK provide Maps?

    This may help you.

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    Re: Does Nokia S60 SDK provide Maps?

    Quote Originally Posted by Transcend3nt View Post
    If not, what other map sources could I turn to other than Google Android?
    Why don't you just chose the Android as a data provider? Could it be because Google/Android does not own any such data but instead licenses it just like Nokia from commercial data providers that want to make money out of it?

    If you are willing to pay for the data then by all means, please do it. The data providers like Navteq and TeleAtlas are most likely willing to make business with you.

    The Maps & Navigation API will be eventually made available to S60 developers and when that will happen we will all know about it.
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    Re: Does Nokia S60 SDK provide Maps?

    Becouse I want to get one number of your tools.

    But you have not geve me.

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    Re: Does Nokia S60 SDK provide Maps?

    Dear Transcend3nt
    I dont think nokia is providing any kind of maps.Indirectly they are using google based maps only.in singapore just try to go through map and in the base probably u find any 3rd party name try to contact them to access through their database .then only u can find positions.if u want how to convert from latitude and longitude entry to x and y coordinates then i ve source code and formulation for that.then let me know i ll give that formula but i invented that so its strictly for application use( for learning ) not for any kind of commercial use.


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