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    Does Nokia S60 SDK provide Maps?

    Hi all,

    I would like to develop a mobile application which retrieves the coordinates of the user via GPS. Then, I would display his position on a map.

    I have searched and looked at countless codes getting the coordinates.

    My project requires me to only use NetBeans to develop it. Therefore, Android plugin for Eclipse is out, besides I am developing for Nokia phones. Therefore, S60 SDKs would be perfect.

    My question is that how can I retrieve maps from some Nokia map server (in the first place, does Nokia provide maps?) and display it on my phone? Getting the coordinates via Java LBS API is no problem, since Nokia provided pdf tutorials to show how it can be done.

    If the maps aren't available, what can I do to show maps on my phone? (By the way, I need Singapore maps).

    I've read some topics that the Maps API is dropped out from the S60 SDK and I would have to pay for Map data. I would be willing to do so, but is it available yet as from now?

    If not, what other map sources could I turn to other than Google Android?

    Thanks. My project is in a bit of rush now, all comments are greatly appreciated.
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