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    How to apply new skin to specific application


    I have developed a new appllication and I want to give a new look to it by changing the skin. I found the way to do it but it is changing the theme of complete phone. I just want to change skin of my application only Can any one tell me how to do that stuff.

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    Re: How to apply new skin to specific application

    if i m not wrong,u can not do this directly.but do.
    just do these things
    * when enter in ur app change the skin by desired skin
    * when exit set previous default skin again, and remove ur skin.

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    Re: How to apply new skin to specific application

    According to some other threads, MAknsSkinInstance::SetLocalItemDefL sets skin components on application-level.

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    Re: How to apply new skin to specific application

    It is complicated but possible, I can't disclose details, sorry. Try to get direct support from Nokia.

    Note however that before 3rd fp2 one cannot replace skins elements of battery/signal/indicator pane. In practise this means that you can't display those elements on your UI when using custom skin. Coz it would look really bad.

    In 3rd fp2 it is possible to replace all skin elements.

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