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    capabilities info

    Hi, i use this capabiliti in my program:

    "LocalServices Location NetworkServices ReadDeviceData ReadUserData SwEvent UserEnvironment WriteDeviceData WriteUserData "

    in test criteria of symbian there is this chek item to pass:

    "If you use ANY Capabilities you will be required to provide an explanation of your API usage at time of submission the developer must declare their Capability usage with satisfactory rationale.

    The Capability usage must disclose the API(s) being used for each of the declared Capabilities.

    These statements shall be retained on file and must accurately describe the functionality of the application in accordance with user guides and marketing information associated with the application"

    Precisaly, what do I must? I write a document with capabilities that i used?

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    Re: capabilities info

    You have to say what you used each capability for. Also give the API used.
    E.g. WriteDeviceData used by RProperty for communicating between server and client.

    What I find hard to figure out is when a capability is used in more than one place in the code. Especially if this is ported code, not something you have written specially for 9. You need capability for reasons you just don't notice because you already have them for reasons you do.

    Still, I suppose you only have to justify it once to get it.

    I should add that this is just part of the form on submission. You don't have to write a document.

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    Smile Re: capabilities info

    As far as i have dealt with Symbian signing, you just need to give explanation of the capabilities which are not "user-grantable". Means the capabilities which cannot be self-signed. It will come only when submitting the form for symbian signing. You can also prepare document and submit it if they ask to do so.
    Anyways you will eventually know this when you start the process of submission online. And moreover you can "Cancel" your decision at any time. So just proceed with the process.

    For e.g: under ReadDeviceData() field, give GetSubscriberID() from CTelephony API etc...

    Nokia Developer Wiki Moderation team

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    Re: capabilities info

    Many thanks to all
    Best regard

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