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    Exclamation Nokia 6300 Jad install problem

    I have an application which runs on a number of Nokia devices, I have been testing the Nokia 6300 - and I am hitting an install problem. When I use the same link that installs fine on other devices (series 60) it get "unsupported file format" error thrown. Is this an unfriendly way of saying it doesn't like something in the JAD, or is there an issue with this device and standard OTA procedures?


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    Re: Nokia 6300 Jad install problem

    Some phones are more strict than others with wrong jad file content.

    It may help to post the content of the jad file here.

    Also check the mime-types of the jad and the jar file,
    and the content of manifest in the jar file.


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    Re: Nokia 6300 Jad install problem

    Hello nstamps,

    which installation method you are using?

    For OTA, there's a (possibly) related issue in this thread:


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