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    Send message / send sms


    I have small problem. I wrote small program with mShell, whitch are sending short message ( long id, ex: 141214587, constant) to other mobile (constant). Other mobile auto-reply. In this reply is location. I must do this:

    1) auto send sms to +48xxxyyyxxx
    2) waiting for reply
    3) message text go to var in php (internet) ex: www.example.com/in.php?var=message text
    4) in this page is remainder script

    This is posible?
    Please help me


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    Re: Send message / send sms

    Have you already checked any of the SMS examples available ?
    Most of them do show the sending , as well as explain how to do the receiving part pretty well, thus should really get you started.
    For connecting to the web services, have a look into HTTP example available on this forum.

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