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    Continue the Conversation: Java on Series 40

    Nokia estimates it has cumulatively shipped hundreds of millions of devices powered by the Series 40 Platform. Our platform experts will be on the JavaOne show floor demonstrating the latest tools and technology and talking with developers. You can continue the conversation in this thread.

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    Re: Continue the Conversation: Java on Series 40


    we are ready for the JavaOne, I hope you will be able to visit us at the Nokia booth #818. If not, I hope you will enjoy the online conversation.

    I am working as a technology marketing guy on the Series 40 side at Nokia. You can find me as well as our Series 40 Java experts from Nokia booth where we will be demonstrating JSR-211 Content Handler API on Series 40 devices.

    Attending JavaOne or not, continue the online conversation here.


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    Re: Continue the Conversation: Java on Series 40

    trying to get a message to kevin_s2f re a lifeblog error

    i carn't email him / u / her so hopefully this makes it to you

    i followed the instructions and successfully uploaded a test image
    but then i did a second test image and the system loaded the first image?
    dose it only do one image a day? it would be good if several images could be added to the same blog.

    hope that helps


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    Re: Continue the Conversation: Java on Series 40

    Hi moshing,

    please contact me through my screen name. I have not seen this error before.


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