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    Continue the Conversation: JavaOne

    The best conversations are seldom planned. This is the place to continue conversations you started at JavaOne. Or if you can't make it to San Franciso this year, start your own conversation in this thread and those of us at the conference will do our best to respond.

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    Re: Continue the Conversation: JavaOne

    Hello everyone.

    I'm Risto from Forum Nokia and I just had my Technical Session, TS-5682 Signing Java ME Application and Signing Them in The Java Verified Program, at Java One.

    At the end of the session there were some interesting questions which I want to share. If you have some question regarding Java application signing we can continue the discussion here...

    Many people have asked about application signing to manufacturer domain. That is a difficult area since the signature to certain degree points the entity which is held liable of the application. So in that sense from Nokia perspective the application must be Nokia's in order to get it to manufacturer domain in Nokia terminals.

    We from Java Verified board announced that our target is to develop the services in Java Verified and release them by first of September. There were two items:
    1. Publisher ID requirement in Java Verified
    2. The availability of R&D Signing.

    How is a Publisher ID used?
    When ever submitting an application to Java Verified it is required to sign the JAD/JAR pair with your Publisher ID. It enables you to confirm that the application has not been changed and it allows Java Verified to confirm where the application came from. The Publisher ID costs 200USD per year. With it you can submit as many applications as you want during the years time.

    What is R&D Signing?
    It enables you to sign your application for testing and development purposes. The application is valid for installation during certain period of time only so at installation time you have to change the date of your device where you install.

    Will my application stop from working when the signature is not valid?
    The date of the signature is checked at installation time. If the signature is valid for a year then you have a year of time to install it to your device. But it will run as long as your device runs.

    How many signatures do I need to cover Nokia, SonyEricsson, Vodafone and Orange?
    Lets say you create one version to cover devices from Nokia and SonyEricsson which are on sale at Vodafone and Orange. For such an application you need only one signature, getting your application through Java Verified once is enough for signing.

    Those were the ones I remember now, lets keep up the discussion!

    Regards from San Francisco,


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    Re: Continue the Conversation: JavaOne

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    Re: Continue the Conversation: JavaOne

    Has there been any progress on the R&D signing initiative?

    I have developed an open source language learning application (flash cards and spaced repetition) that reads html cards and images from the file system. On my Nokia 6121 I must manually confirm each file read. Surprisingly, I can configure network and location access to a single prompt per session, but not file reads.

    I would argue, that the open source approach is fundamentally different to that of commercial software developers. The trust model is different: the source is available. The testing model is different: feedback from users on forums and regular point releases. The cost model is different: free applications and no money/incentive to pay for certification.

    It seems crazy to put unnecessary obstacles in the way of development that enriches a platform and the hardware products based on it.


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