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    Reading SMS silently

    I am trying to read the SMS via sockets. I am using the SilentSMS exacmple code from Wiki.

    I am able to read the SMS's successfully via the sockets, but when i restart the device, all the sms's that i read thru sockets come back again. It seems they are not deleted on the SMSC.

    I am using N95.

    My feeling is that this is a core problem of SilentSMS example. It does not delete the SMS's from SMSC after reading them. So they come back again. Is there any way to fix it. As many people are facing this issue.

    Also setting the TMsvEntry's Unread flag to False does not either solve the problem of sileting the SMS tone. As the vibration and tone thing is done b4 the notification come in HandleSessionEvent.

    So is there any other way to siletly read the SMS?

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    Re: Reading SMS silently

    close all the resourses that is using ,befor exit.

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    Re: Reading SMS silently

    Hi guys,

    We did try this but it doesn't seem to work.. is there any other option/soln/workaround ?


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    Re: Reading SMS silently

    Quote Originally Posted by premal.jhaveri@oz.com View Post
    We did try this
    Exactly what?

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    Re: Reading SMS silently

    Quote Originally Posted by wizard_hu_ View Post
    Exactly what?
    >> close all the resourses that is using ,before exit.

    This problem is specific to N95.

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    Question Re: Reading SMS silently

    Nitesh Bhardwaj :close all the resourses that is using ,befor exit.
    I see only two resources that can create issue.

    1st is iSmsMessage : its getting initialized in RunL. But getting deleted only in destructor.
    2nd may be Socket : According to help "If a socket has been opened using Open() then it should be closed using Close()."

    1st will create memory leak, only if application recives 2 sms.

    To solve both, I send only one msg [no mem leak] and added one line 'iSocket.Close()' in Dest'r.

    Even now, On restarting device, sms's reappear.
    Can u point exact resource that u r talking about ?

    FYI : http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=126470

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