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    Question Text Field Focus Problem with J2me(j2me Polish)

    I have developed little GUI Application using J2me Polish and .
    i have put some ChoiceGroup TextField StringItem on form.g

    When browsing in mobile after installing application or testing in emulator .i come to text field focused and it directly go to a full writing Pad .

    In normal J2me Application when we create same application & when we enter or press ok it go to editor for text field ,i Have added CSS after every new textField creation ?

    but here it gos directly on focus open .
    thts little problem for me to solve .need Help .
    Pls guide me , is it to change any thing in polish.css ?
    or to change in application's code ?
    I dont want to get open editor on each time focus come to text field .
    so pls some buddy help me and Reply ASAP .

    Thanx frnds .

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    Re: Text Field Focus Problem with J2me(j2me Polish)

    sorry but this seems more like a polish issue rather than a nokia issue
    have you tried posting in the j2mepolish forums?
    they also have Q&A might be usefull...


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    Re: Text Field Focus Problem with J2me(j2me Polish)

    try this in your build.xml under attribute of <variables includeAntProperties="true" > <variable name="polish.TextField.useDirectInput" value="true" /></variables>
    hope its help you.

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