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    Unable to install Nokia SDK on Netbeans

    I have recently installed S60 SDK for Java platform. After installing in my Windows platform,

    I couldnt select the Nokia emulator when creating my Mobility project in Netbeans 6.1/6.0.1. The only choice was Java WTK 2.5.2.

    I went over to Tools-Java Platform-Add Platform, added a new platform and selected the S60 SDK folder which is located at :

    I was able to compile everything but when running, the SDK progress indicated that I was "unable to connect to agent" - NullPointerException and the program was not unable to run.

    My questions to you sir, is that how can I solve it?

    Out of topic :
    I am currently doing a project on Location Based Services where users of my mobile application can mark any spot on the map and indicate as a "gathering point" so others can see it too. I have sourced for Mobile maps and found 3 sources :

    1. Google android - My project required me to develop in Netbeans envionment but they only provide Eclipse plugins
    2. J2MEmaps - Very less documentation and doesnt seem promising
    3. Nokia Maps - I read that I needed a licence. I do not mind paying for it, but is it available yet?

    I have posted a similiar question on the Location Based Services, but to no avail.

    Thank you

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    Re: Unable to install Nokia SDK on Netbeans

    You must first have to have installed series emulators that you need to work with.Then open netbeans and select the project from project window.

    Then right click and go to properties.Then click on manage emulators and select the suitable emulators..here you will find the list of installed platforms.

    Thanks with Regards,

    R a j - The K e r n e l

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