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    Question python application hangs after running some .py files.


    after running some applications(not all) of python if we quit out of python,my mobile not entering again to python application.
    clicking on python icon does nothing.

    but after restarting mobile we can run python application.
    why this is happening so???

    are there any python application closing procedures that are not getting and hence mobile hangs up.

    is any one observed the same???
    plz give solution if any one has.....

    thanks in advance....

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    Re: python application hangs after running some .py files.

    Hi Sagar,
    I experienced same problem when i was creating an application of mine. I figured it out, it happened because program was executing an infinite loop and hence program wasn't able to come out of it. Maybe its the same problem but it would be better if you tell what .py files were you trying to run?
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    Re: python application hangs after running some .py files.

    Hey sagars,
    just can tell you from my experience. It sounds like your application was either freezing at some stage (e.g. you give a path to a pic in the script, but that path does not exist)
    from graphics import *
    pic = graphics.Image.open('E:\\my_application\\pics\\my_pic.png')
    (just one excample that is freezing your script)
    or your script is doing an invinite loop (as shubhendra mentioned before)

    In both cases: You can force the python script to end whatever it is doing by pressing the menue button for about 2 seconds, in the small top left popup-window you'll find all currently running programms, choose python and than press the "c"-button.


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