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    R/W from Secure Element


    I want to develop a very secure application which will take advantage of the read/write mode of NFC to access an external smart card.

    As a midlet is not secure enough (because it runs on the application processor), I would like to program it as an applet. But then, would it be possible to read data of an external smart card from an applet on the secure element?

    Thanks in advance for your replies.

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    Re: R/W from Secure Element

    Hi alagger,

    The secure element is not able (as implemented in the Nokia) to read external tags. For reading an external tag on the Nokia 6131 NFC you have to use a Midlet.

    The Sagem my700X which has the SIM as the secure element also support running applications in the SIM that are able to use the reader/writer mode.

    Cheers, Gerald

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